Guinness StoreHouse

Guinness StoreHouse Dublin
Guinness StoreHouse Dublin

Aoife’s day out was too #GuinnessStoreHouse #Dublin, again an interesting choice, but as she pointed out it is the No. 1 Tourist Attraction in Ireland and we haven’t been to it yet.  What a fantastic place I love the history behind any product and there is lots of that at Guinness StoreHouse.  The making of Guinness itself is naturally enough a very precise business, but the innovation around how the business grew is equally interesting; to transport the product around the facility they built their own customized narrow gauge rail and trains to go with it.  Guinness was the first to build a liquid ship.  10,000,000 pints of #Guinness are consumed worldwide every day, that is an astounding number.  Although it is not mentioned anywhere in the exhibition Guinness were good employers  and if you were lucky enough to work for them you were well looked after.

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