Tayto Park, Co. Meath

The Old Rectory, Fenagh, Co. Leitrim

Mr Tayto Himself
Mr Tayto Himself

This Summer instead of having a week away we decided that each person would pick somewhere they wanted to go for the day, and when a day came free off we went.  Pat jumped in as soon as I mentioned the idea and said he baggsed Tayto Park in Co. Meath, which surprised me a little but off we went, and what a great day we had.  We haven’t been since it opened so there were lots of changes.  Loved all the rides, the new roller coaster is absolutely brilliant, we went twice.  The Zip line was fun but not a patch on Zipit in Lough Key Forest Park.  Great value for money with free parking, if you are looking for a fun family day out.

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