The Old Rectory Country House –  Destination Wedding & Event Venue

Our Story


We are often told how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful home with stunning views from every window; it’s not something we take for granted, we know how lucky we are, and we love our home. Having been in the Curran family now for 3 generations, The Old Rectory has transformed over the years from a basic hay shed into what you see today – a family home that we love to share with our visitors.

The house was built back in 1827 in the Georgian era and remained a Rectory into the 1960’s before Pat’s great uncle, Monsignor Peter Moran bought it in 1964 and used it as a hay shed and to raise chickens!

Renovations on the house began in the early eighties and it housed angling clubs on holidays in the area before we took over the house in 1994 with big plans to restore it to what we knew it could be and our journey began from there. Our vision was always to restore each room of the main house while keeping the Georgian features that give the house its character – restoring a country house like this is an act of love but one the house has returned to us in spades.

Country House Accommodation

In 2012 we added additional accommodation in the form of our Courtyard Apartments, it was important to us to be able to expand the property but in a way that reflected the charm and style of the existing house, which we achieved giving us the room to have 30 guests at any one time. This allowed us to have group activities such as our Murder Mystery and Yoga Retreats.

Destination Wedding Venue

We always saw the potential of the house as a destination wedding venue to host unique and intimate weddings and in 2014 started exploring this idea in our minds and researching how we could offer The Old Rectory as an Exclusive Wedding Venue to couples near and far. This idea took a leap into life when we erected our Lakeview Pavilion on the lawn which would allow us to not only host weddings but also to expand as an Event Venue to host larger group activities such as corporate team building, quilting retreats, yoga retreats, hen parties and large family gatherings. 


While restoring and developing the House and surroundings we always wanted to do it in a way that offered something back, to make it sustainable and self sufficient in as many ways as possible. We are always focused on being environmentally conscious and encourage our guests to do the same. In 2020 we saw the addition of Electrical Solar Panels to add to the hot water solar panels on the house and apartments and the rain water harvesting system as we continue to make the environment an important part of our business.

Everything we do here is looking at how can we preserve what it is here already and in doing so how can we make sure this beautiful place we live in survives for generations to come.  So that far into the future someone will look at the work we have done to the buildings, trees and gardens we planted and get as much joy as we do from those who have come before us and provided us with such a fantastic place to live. This house has been our family home for almost 30 years now and the house has grown in the same way our children have and will continue to far into the future.

Thank you for being part of our story so far!

Julie & Pat

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