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The Old Rectory Country House, Wedding Venue

Six Months to ‘I Do’: Your 6 month Wedding Planning Adventure

Congratulations on deciding to plan your dream wedding in 6 months! While it might seem like a daunting task, we’re here to tell you, no matter what anyone says, planning a wedding in 6 months is not only entirely doable, it can be an exciting adventure too. It means there isn’t time to put off decision making which can be a good thing.  Decisions have to be made quickly, that isn’t a bad thing though, it makes you very decisive about what you want and don’t want.  Let’s unravel the steps to help you organize a wedding that’s not only memorable but also uniquely yours.

The Old Rectory Country House, Wedding Venue, Wedding Couple

Dream Big, Prioritise Bigger
Start your adventure by dreaming big and prioritizing even bigger. What’s non-negotiable for you? Whether it’s a specific venue, a must-have date, or that amazing photographer you’ve been eyeing, jot them down. This sets the stage for a decision-making roadmap.

Venue Hunt Made Easy
Take the stress out of venue hunting with online tools. Explore local gems and consider offbeat locations that might just have an opening in their calendar. Who knows, you might stumble upon a hidden gem that’s ready to host your dream day!

Local Love with Vendors
Wrap your planning in local love by engaging with experienced vendors who know the ropes of swift planning. Trust their insights and let their local connections work their magic. They’re the fairy godmothers of your wedding adventure.

The Old Rectory Country House, Wedding Venue

Lists, Apps, and All That Jazz
Say hello to organized chaos with wedding planning apps and good ol’ Excel. These tools become your sidekicks in managing tasks, timelines, and guest lists. Stay on top of your game during this whirlwind journey.

Digital Magic in Invitations
Wave goodbye to snail mail stress by opting for digital invitations. Quick, eco-friendly, and a breeze for RSVPs. It’s a modern touch that keeps you on top of your guest list.

Less is More – Decor Edition
In the world of wedding decor, less is indeed more, especially when you’re on a six-month sprint. Embrace simplicity and let your venue shine. Minimalism is not just a trend; it’s your secret weapon.

Trust Your Instincts
In the sea of opinions, trust your instincts. With a 6-month timeline, you need to be decisive. Listen, consider, but remember, this is your adventure, and your choices make it uniquely yours.

The Old Rectory Country House, Wedding Venue

Guest List: Keep it Intimate
Crafting a guest list is like curating your own special VIP party. Keep it intimate, manageable, and filled with those who truly matter. It not only opens up venue possibilities but also ensures a personal and heartfelt celebration.

Embark on your six-month wedding planning adventure with focus, flair, and a dash of excitement. By prioritising, teaming up with local talents, and simplifying your choices, you’re well on your way to creating a beautiful wedding uniquely you!

The Old Rectory Country House, Wedding Venue, Wedding Couple

Let the adventure begin. Ready, steady….. GO!
(But not before downloading our Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist)

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