The Old Rectory – Leitrim

The Fall of a Majestic old tree
The Fall of a Majestic old tree

The Old Rectory Country Home Leitrim

Anyone who has stayed with us will know we are surrounded by beautiful old trees, I wake every morning to trees and after a storm I open the shutters and take a look out the windows and do a survey around the other windows in the house.  I did that very thing after the last storm and was delighted to see them all still standing.  And I headed out to bring the dogs for their morning walk and there they were out of view of the house, but two of our oldest trees didn’t make it through our most recent storm.  They fell pretty much side by side, it may sound silly to some but I feel their loss strongly.  We have planted 100’s of trees since we moved into The Old Rectory, and we have 60 trees to be planted over the next couple of weeks, but it will be 200 years before they will reach the majestic stage that the two we lost last week.

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