The Chimneys are finished

Fantastic to have the chimneys redone it has been a long time coming but hopefully they will last another 200 years.

Taking on any project in a house can be daunting, taking on chimney’s that are taller than you with five chimney’s in each breast big enough that you can get into one of them is quite a task.  I used to think that Mary Poppin’s was a bit farfetched with the chimney sweep in the chimney, but apparently not.  From the ground they look big when you get up to them they are huge.  The weather has been so obliging we couldn’t have asked for better.  It took a number of days to prepare for the chimneys to be taken down, the stones numbered and then they were disassembled and cleaned.  The crow’s nests in the chimneys were a real challenge, several of the chimneys were blocked by old crow’s nest, and trying to break through them was extremely hard, they are some builders.  Put into words that all sounds relatively easy but you are talking about moving big stones three stories up and down and a considerable amount of rubble that has to be brought to ground level without damaging the roof, and as you can imagine it is very dirty work.  With all that completed they were reassembled over a number of days. The views from the roof are incredible and we have enjoyed early morning breakfasts up there a few times, our last trip up was yesterday, the scaffolding will come down this week and I am not sure I will be up on the roof again in my lifetime.  Here is the finished product hopefully good for another 200 years.

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