St. Mel’s Cathedral Longford

St. Mel's Cathedral Longford
St. Mel’s Cathedral Longford

I have been eagerly awaiting the reopening of St. Mel’s Cathedral in Longford and last week I had the opportunity to make a visit.  It was made all the more magical by the fact that the choir was practicing, not with the big organ, but still the sound was beautiful.  I had yet to see the documentary t so it was all new to me.  It is a blend of old and new.  The new and very modern baptismal fount as you walk in to the Cathedral is so welcoming and a stunning piece.  The ceilings have been beautifully restored with all the angels at the tops of the pillars.  The alter is very plain and has been moved down the church to be closer to the people.  I have to say I do love the old style alters but I can see the reasoning behind the new style too.  Lastly the organ is very impressive and I can’t wait to get to hear it being played.  I am sure we can all understand the great joy the people of Longford and the surrounding area must feel at the reopening of their church.  The church that still holds my heart is Trim Church where I grew up, I would want to see it rebuilt if anything ever happened to it.

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