Puppies at The Old Rectory Bed and Breakfast Leitrim

Candies beautiful labrador puppies
Candies beautiful labrador puppies

This past week at The Old Rectory Bed and Breakfast Leitrim has been a busy and exciting one.  For those of you who have either stayed or visited over the past month or so you will know that Candy was expecting pups and she was beyond exploding point towards the end.  She blessed us with 9 beautiful labrador puppies on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning all black and perfect.  Things were beginning to settle down on Saturday when I went out to find Emma who we didn’t think had held with one puppy, so panic stations, she had three more again all black, a small litter for her and although she was very unwell Saturday night she is fully recovered after a late night visit to the vets and her puppies are as big as Candies now.  It’s going to be great crack when they all get to the mobile stage but for the moment there is nothing like the smell of puppies and their cute little faces.

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