Planning A Wedding

Once the initial excitement of getting engaged passes and you start to think about planning a wedding it can start to feel a little overwhelming. With so many options out there it’s hard to know where to begin with Planning a Wedding.   Sit down with your other half and have an honest conversation. 

Ask yourselves the following questions before you start Planning Your Wedding:

  • WHERE do we want our wedding ceremony and reception? In a church? In the garden? In a Hotel? At an Exclusive Venue? In Portugal? In a Country House?  Do you want the ceremony and reception at the same venue?
  • WHAT is important to us both as a couple and individually? Do I need to get married in the church my parents did? Do you need to hire that wedding photographer you’ve been raving about? Do we absolutely have to have that band we both love?
  • HOW much can we afford to spend? How much are we happy to spend on our wedding?
  • WHEN do we want to get married? This year? Next year? Spring? Summer?
  • WHO do we want to invite? Will it be a big wedding of friends, family, colleagues, extended family, neighbours or just close family and friends?Wedding Planning Wedding Planner

After having this chat, you will have a much clearer idea of where to go next. Where I suggest you go next is the budget. The wedding budget is the most tedious part of wedding planning but with 43% of couples going over-budget on their wedding day (1) it is so important to keep track of your spending. Download our free Wedding Budget to help you get started. 


Open a dedicated savings account for your wedding and be realistic about the amount you can save in the time you are giving yourselves

Remember the rule of thumb is that half your budget will be spent on the wedding venue. Will you opt for the tried and trusted hotel like 68% of couples or will you try something a little unique, like a Country House Venue?  Once you’ve booked your venue go back and re-adjust the budget as necessary; some venues will include certain things in your package, some won’t, for example here at The Old Rectory we provide table décor, chair covers, personalised menus, a cake stand and knife with ALL our packages.

Once you have decided on

  • Where you are having your wedding ceremony and wedding reception
  • When you are having your planning your wedding date
  • Who will be invited
  • How much you want to spend
  • What type of wedding reception you want to have

Everything else will fall into place. I promise.


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