Our Wedding Rings are a daily reminder of a very special time in our lives.  Like most couples when they get engaged, we set about looking for a wedding ring, I wanted something simple.  Although we found lots of lovely rings, my fingers are apparently very small and they couldn’t resize the wedding rings as it would affect the setting. 

There was one wedding ring I loved and by chance on a weekend away in Saratoga we came across the Goldsmiths and Gemologist – Stephen Michael Howard – and went in for a look.  That day we drew our rings, picked the stones, and a few weeks later went and collected them.  I still have the card we drew out my ring on.

Making Your Own Wedding Rings
Our Wedding Rings
Drawings of our wedding rings
Drawings of Our Wedding Rings

So much around planning your wedding is transient, your rings will be with you for a life time and for me making our weddings rings symbolizes a part of getting married that we did together just the two of us.  And looking back now I realize it was the start of many things we have planned together, with drawings on bits of paper, over the span of our married life together.

My friend Diane got married the year before us and also had her wedding ring made and although she is not fond of wearing a ring she wanted to have a wedding ring, one that reflected her ideas.  At the time she was sharing a studio with Alan Ardiff, they had been to art college together.  Diane wanted more of an oval shaped ring to suit her fingers and they designed a ring which was mostly silver, with a wing to symbolize the journey of life and a gold feather that sits above the wing to symbolize the spirit of life.  On the back there is a sun, moon and stars, the sun and the moon are for birth and death and the star is for the children in your life.  Along the ring itself there are little indentations to symbol the events throughout your life.   Diane sent me a picture of her ring saying that it is a bit worn, but then that symbolizes her life.

There are a lot of options available for making your own rings do a bit of googling you will be so happy you did.

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