Help in the garden at The Old Rectory Leitrim

The Old Rectory self catering apartments Leitrim

We have been very busy over the past month in the gardens at The Old Rectory Bed and Breakfast Leitrim.  I love this time of year when the

Gardening at The Old Rectory with a little assistance
Gardening at The Old Rectory with a little assistance

garden starts to wake up after a long winter.  Having a garden that has continual flowers requires quite a bit of planning and a good deal of trial and error.  Every year brings new ideas and of course lots of new plants, I am a danger in any garden centre, over the past few years I have tried to control the urge to buy endless amounts of plants and I now only buy plants knowing where exactly they are going to go in the garden.  There was an exception to that rule this year, when I was in the garden centre in Ballinamore I bought two Peonie trees and actually convinced another shopper to buy one too the smell of the flowers was so incredible;  I spent the day getting everyone to have a smell.  But back to the garden, we had an extra special helper in the garden who scared the wits out of us on a number of occasions launching herself at us out of bushes, living up to her name Ninja!!!

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