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Flatiron Mountain AZ
Flatiron Mountain AZ

Had a fantastic days hiking in the Superstition Mountains AZ, climbed to the top of Flatiron. Quite the climb a 1,000 foot elevation gain for the first two miles followed by a 2,000 foot elevation over 1 mile.  It was a random pick something not too far from my parents and a bit of a challenge, it was a popular hike on the day, someone who climbs it often said he hadn’t seen so many people on it for a while.  About three quarters of the way up I joined up with a Mother and her two teenage sons and I became Miss Julie for the reat of the climb.  Children here don’t call adults by their firt names as a mark of respect for those older than them. Without them I wouldn’t have made it to the top there were a few spots where you needed two people to scale the huge rocks and at the top a 12 foot vertical wall!!  The rocks are just stunning, and when you stop for a breather it changes every time.  Very hard climb but well worth it when you get to the top, reminds me how much I love hiking.

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