Cuilcagh Way

 Cuilagh Way

Cuilagh Way is a 33km circle route int Fermanagh
Cuilagh Way is a 33km circle route int Fermanagh

For the past 13 years we have had groups staying at The Old Rectory Bed and Breakfast Leitrim who all spend a day on a walk up Cuilagh starting at different points depending on the group and their tour guide.  It has been on my list for some time and this year I have made a concerted effort to tackle some of the items on my list.  We chose to start our walk at the car park just shortly past Marble Arch Caves.  Cuilagh Way is a 33 km circle route which you can join at different points.  As we left the flat road way that leads to the mountain which is in the process of having a wooden walk way installed which will be fantastic when it is finished.  The last section is very boggy even after our lovely dry summer you still get to take those lovely misguided steps which find you sinking up to your knees, which all adds to the experience.  The day wasn’t as nice as it was forecast but it didn’t take from the magnificent landscape, it is a lovely walk with lots of variety the big boulders are amazing.  I have always loved walking from a young age and it always recharges my batteries, maybe it will recharge your batteries too and it’s free.

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