Crumlin Children’s Hospital Dublin

Fund Raising for Crumlin Children’s Hospital

Fund Raising
Crumlin Children’s Hospital Dublin

Crumlin Hospital has been a part of our lives since Padraig was 5 days old, and recently Padraig had his last day in the hospital, and will now move on to St. James, he is very lucky his two main doctors also work in St James and it will be a clean transfer and he already has new appointments there.  As with any hospital experience there have been ups and downs, but overall Padraig’s story has been a very fortunate one, not all children with his condition are as lucky.  Crumlin Hospital and its staff have been more than good to Padraig and have always been interested not just in his physical well being but in his mental well being.  We will miss all the staff at the hospital, in particular Mr Brosnahan, Dr Watson and Eddette O’Dea.

Padraig’s life at Crumlin hospital took a different form for Aoife, she began funding raising for Crumlin in 5th class when she gave half her confirmation money and also fund raised at the school with Coppers for Crumlin and she gave the money to the hospital to buy Christmas presents for children who weren’t going to get home for Christmas.  For her second fund raising she worked with the play assistant in the oncology ward to buy items they needed for the play room.  On Padraig’s last day in Crumlin she donated €2,000 to the Dermatology ward which will go towards a mobile scanner unit. Thank you to everyone who supported her with her fund raisers over the last 8 years.

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