Carrowkeel – Megalithic Tombs

I love Carrowkeel it is such a peaceful place and yet there is a feeling of all the generations that have come before us, and how far we have come. It is just a short drive off the N4 between Carrick-On-Shannon and Sligo in the village of Castlebaldwin, up some little roads and more often than not there isn’t another soul in sight. There are a number of cairns some intact and some have caved in. The ones that are intact; make yourself small and climb in and sit and marvel at their creation with no tools to speak of and incredible skill. I cannot imagine building something so impressive and the great joy they bring to those who come to see them 5,000 years later. These cairns are older than New Grange and the Pyramids and they stand on bluffs still to this day. I find that both incredible and fascinating and equal measure.

Carrowkeel Megalithic Tombs, Castlebaldwin, Sligo Ireland
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